Welcome to ...

... the 2020 St Just Cancer Research UK Arts and Crafts Exhibition.
Our volunteers would normally curate and run the exhibition and sales on behalf of our makers. We would expect to gross over £100,000 in sales of which a commission percentage is taken for Cancer Research UK.
This year, we cannot run our usual exhibition for reasons of COVID-19 and social distancing, and so we offer here a chance for you to see the wonderful arts and crafts that some of our makers in west Cornwall produce. Each maker has their own gallery of work with contact details.

Use the pull-down menu to select the maker then click on a thumbnail to get the full-page image, details are generally below the full-page image.

Purchases should be made directly from the maker.

If you want to know more about the charity please click Cancer Research UK.

Cancer Research UK is a registered charity, no.1089464